10:30            Registration and refreshments


Inkjet printing beyond colour
Reinhard Baumann, TU Chemnitz, Germany

11:40 Controlling solute phase separation in drying inkjet drops and lines 
Steve Yeates, University of Manchester, UK

12:20 Inkjet in security printing - an unusual ink/substrate interface
Alan Hodgson, Consultant, UK

13:00 Lunch and poster session

14:30 Aerodynamic effects in industrial inkjet printing
Cristina Rodriguez-Rivero, University of Cambridge


Manufacture of functional electronic devices using hybrid inkjet printing and laser processes
Adam Brunton, M-Solv Ltd, UK


Printing advances at the centre for process innovation
Dr Louise Evans, Centre for Process Innovation

Poster Programme

P:01 Inkjet drop volume determination
Will Price, University of Cambridge, UK

P:02 Inkjet printing as method of fabrication of thermoelectric thin film devices
Volodymyr Potyak, Center of Scientific and Technical Information, Ukraine

P:03 Inkjet printing for superconductor and fuel cell applications
Simon C Hopkins, University of Cambridge, UK

P:04 Marangoni driven self-assembly of nanoparticles ensemble in evaporating picoliter sessile drop of binary
solvent mixture
Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

P:05 Measuring the effect of elasticity on surface instabilities formed under planar flow
Alexander Holder, Swansea University, UK

P:06 Meniscus motion inside an inkjet print-head
Claudio Ravasio, University of Cambridge, UK

P:07 Modelling dewetting of inkjet printed drops
Christopher Chalmers, Loughborough University, UK

P:08 Multiscale patterning of nanocomposite polyelectrolyte/nanoparticle films using inkjet printing and AFM scratching
James Bowen, The Open University, UK

P:09 New possibilities to improve inkjet printing using thermoelectric heaters
Ihor Yurchyshyn, Institute of Innovation Research, Russia

P:10 Towards sinter-free printing of high-conductivity metals
Danielle Mehta, University of Liverpool, UK

P:11 Transient behaviours in electrohydrodynamic drop-on-demand jetting and material deposition
Ching-Hsien Chen, University of Cambridge, UK

P:12 Unravelling the jetting of aqueous PEDOT:PSS
Stephen Hoath, University of Cambridge, UK

P:13 An inkjet/ultrafast laser hybrid for digital fabrication of biomedical sensors
Yoanna Shams, University of Cambridge, UK

P:14 Microengineering by liquid manipulation
Qingxin Zhang, University of Cambridge, UK

P:15 Comparison of inkjet printability
Yuanyuan Liu, University of Manchester, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    13 October 2015
  • Early registration deadline:
    14 October 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    6 November 2015