Invited speakers

Reinhard Baumann, TU Chemnitz, Germany

Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann is Professor for Digital Printing and Imaging Technology at the Technische Universität Chemnitz and head of both, the Department Printed Functionalities and the Business Unit Green and Wireless of the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nanosystems ENAS in Chemnitz, Germany.

He received a PhD in Chemical Physics and carried out research and development in the fields of Physical Chemistry and Electrical Engineering of organic materials for polymer electronics at the University of Bonn / Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose / CA. In 1999 he joined manroland AG, held different management positions and headed the development of industrial solutions for Printing Beyond Color.

His research interests are future applications of graphic arts technologies in digital manufacturing of Smart Objects. Since his engagement in the graphic arts industry he is involved in the R&D of digital fabrication processes and equipment for the industrialization of printed and large area electronics.

The results of his research activities have been published in numerous journals, conference papers and patents.

Prof. Baumann is one of the founders of the Organic Electronic Association oe-a and serves since 2004 as a member of the board.  Since 2011 he is Vice President of the International Society for Imaging Science and Technology IS&T.



Stephen Yeates, University of Manchester, UK

He has over 20 years industrial experience working for ICI, Zeneca and Avecia Ltd in the area of specialty polymer chemistry. During that time he held a number of senior technical positions developing and implementing research strategy. Over the last 7 years in industry he developed a particular interest in organic semiconductors and inkjet printing for both industrial and SOHO applications.In November 2004 he was appointed to the full time academic position as Professor of Polymer Chemistry at the University of Manchester with his research interests covering the areas of organic electronic materials, digital fabrication, smart materials and novel polymer colloids. After serving as Head Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, School of Chemistry (2009 – 2013) he is now Associate Dean for Research for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Alan Hodgson, Consultant

Alan has 30 years experience in printed hard copy and a background in photographic inkjet and image science. He previously managed R&D and Technical Services groups active in inkjet application development. As Alan Hodgson Consulting he worked on inkjet consultancy projects that often crossed over into security applications. In November 2008 he joined 3M in the UK as Technical Development Manager, specializing in inkjet solutions for high security documents such as passports and visas. In 2015 he returned to his consultancy business working in Secure Print Solutions, Printed Electronics and Inkjet Printing.

Alan has a BSc in colorant chemistry and a PhD in instrumentation, both from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manchester. He has served as session chair, short course instructor, and presenter at a number International conferences in Europe, US and Asia. He was President of the Society of Imaging Science & Technology (IS&T) from 2013-2015 and is a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society.


Cristina Rodriguez-Rivero, University of Cambridge, UK

Adam Brunton, M-Solv Ltd, UK

Dr Louise Evans, Centre for Process Innovation

Louise completed her PhD in Electrochemistry at the University of Hull in 2008 and subsequently joined the Meteorology Office in Exeter as an Observations Scientist where she was responsible for the development of the surface instruments used to monitor the weather. Following this, in 2010 she joined the Centre for Process Innovation as a Laboratory Printing Scientist and in 2014 was appointed the role of Printing Scientist, overseeing the digital print team projects within the Printable Electronics platform. Her expertise and interest lies in inkjet printing technology; developing the entire print process from ink formulation to characterisation of the printed material. 


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